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Brentwood is a new northland community designed to fit the lifestyles and budgets of families and singles.  Conveniently located close to major interstates and highways, the community is also located in the highly rated Liberty School District.  Brentwood is pedestrian friendly with a network of sidewalks and trails, making it easy to walk or to bike to trails, open space and our community swimming pool.  Architecture and streetscapes are scaled for walking and biking with something interesting to look at and experience each step of the way.

From its very beginnings, Brentwood has been committed to making advanced technology a part of the community concept.  The entire community is wired with a fiber-optic backbone and each home is pre-wired with Cat 5e for in-home networking.  This gives residents exceptional flexibility and capability.  Our community web site is a natural and important extension of that commitment to technology.

The Brentwood web site is the place to find all the latest community information on social events, meetings, and boards/committees, along with an archive of all the current and past copies of the 'The Brentwood News' community newsletter.  Another greate feature of the Brentwood web site is the 'Request/Questions' link.  Residents can use it anytime to send comments or questions.  There are also copies of meeting minutes and a wealth of other information on the site.


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